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Weekday Golf

Golf outings scheduled during the weekdays are less formal events.  Leaders will chose a course and send an email announcing the date and location for that week. You will be responsible for payment at the course. Here's the event chairs for this year:

ASGA Weekday Golf Schedule April-October 2023

4/3-7                Kathleen G.

4/10-14            Ginger P.

4/17-21            Charlie W

4/24-28            Ruth D.

5/1-5                Betsy P.

5/8-12              Wayne C.

5/15-19            Karen N.

5/22-26            Greg B.

5/29-6/2          Shelia D.

6/5-10              Kathie H.

6/12-16            Rita D.

6/19-23            BJ B.

6/26-30            Suzanne M.

7/3-7                Penn National (no golf)

7/10-14            Ruth D.

7/7-21              Joann St.

7/24-28            Matt S.

7/31-8/4          Scott H.

8/7-11              Nancy S.

8/14-18            Marion B. 

8/21-25            Kathleen G.

8/28-9/1          Heidi M.

9/4-8                Labor day (no weekday golf)

9/11-15            Jean W.

9/18-22            PA (no weekday golf)

 9/25-29            Suzanne M.

10/2-6              Ellie H.

10/9-13            Columbus Day (no golf)

10/16-20          Rita D.




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