Golf Format and Pairings

Our group tries to accommodate golfers of all levels and interests; therefore, we schedule golf events with several different playing formats (best ball, captains choice, scramble, etc.).  Format of play will always be indicated in the event announcement.  As a singles group, we attempt to have an equal number of men and women participate in any event, and golf pairings are normally male and female, with 2 men and 2 women in each foursome.  For certain event formats, groupings may also be based on player handicaps.  While an event coordinator can occasionally accommodate playing partner requests, the intent of our group is to socialize and mingle with everyone in the group.  The event coordinator is responsible for the golf format as well as the golf pairings.


Event Signup Policy

Signup for most events is on a first come/first serve basis.  For an event where advanced payment is required, the first come/first serve policy is based on receipt of payment; otherwise it is based on receipt of intent to participate.  The event coordinator will post an email notification through our Chapter's Yahoo Group Forum when an event is open for signup.  This notification will indicate the proper procedure for event signup.  Individuals should only signup for events, if they plan to participate.  ASGA members will always have precedence over guests and non-members.


Changes due to COVID-19. (changes in BLUE)

1. Who is a guest and how much should they pay to play in our chapter events?

A guest is anyone who is not a current active ASGA-DC Chapter member.....all others are GUESTS. (friends, family, married, single, ASGA members of other chapters, anyone interested in possibly joining our ASGA Chapter who is at least 21 and single.) Guests do not have any privileges associated with our ASGA-DC Chapter.


These options were discussed and approved about payment for GUESTS who attend any ASGA-DC Chapter single day weekend event (Penn National and Ocean City not included)

1.1. Jan 1 - April 30 - guests pay the same as ASGA-DC Chapter members for golf and cart (we have extended this to June 30th 2020)

1.2. Anytime the costs of golf+cart is $45 or less - guests pay the same as ASGA-DC Chapter members for golf and cart

1.3. Guests can play in any ASGA-DC weekday event and must take care of their own costs (they can use coupon books, etc...)

1.4. ASGA members from other chapters - They pay a one time charge of $10 good for the entire 2020 calendar year (excluding Penn National and Ocean City). This does not make them an active ASGA-DC Chapter member.

1.5. All other guests - They pay $10 at each weekend event (excluding Penn National and Ocean City)


2. Will we have another raffle in 2020? (this has been eliminated during 2020)

3. Hole-in-one and Eagle prizes in 2020? (this has been eliminated during 2020)


Cancellation Policy

For many of our golf events, the Chapter is required to pay the golf course for all tee times that we have reserved.  For social events, tickets are often purchased in advance.  In many of these cases, the Chapter is responsible for these expenses regardless of whether the tickets or tee times are used.  As a result, the Chapter has the following policy regarding event reservations and cancellations.

  • Most events will require advanced payment in order to reserve a spot.

  • The event notification will indicate if advance payment is required.

  • Most events will also have a cancellation date, allowing cancellation with a full refund of prepayment, this will also be specified in the event notification.

  • Individuals who cancel prior to the cancellation date will receive a full refund.

  • Individuals who cancel after the cancellation date, are responsible for finding their own replacement, this is not the event coordinator's responsibility.

  • Individuals who cancel after the cancellation date, and are unable to find a replacement, will forfeit their advance payment if the Chapter is required to pay for their reservation.

  • No shows will forfeit their advance payment if the Chapter is required to pay for their reservation.

  • Individuals are always responsible for any expenses incurred by the group on their behalf.

  • The Chapter will not reserve tee times without proper advance payment, we cannot accept promises to pay.


We know that there will be times when people need to cancel their event reservations, and the Chapter will do everything it can to accommodate these cancellation requests.  Anyone needing to cancel a reservation should notify the event coordinator as soon as possible, this will reduce the individuals risk of financial obligation, and make life easier for the event coordinator.


Golf Rules

All members and guests are expected to know and follow common USGA golf rules and regulations, unless otherwise specified in an event notice, or as indicated in our Pace of Play policies listed below.  This includes proper score keeping, proper equipment, order of play, rules for lost ball and water hazards, etc.  These are explained in the USGA Rules of Golf, and can be found on the US Golf Association web site - http://www.usga.com/.

Golf Etiquette

All members and guests are expected to know and follow the common rules of golf etiquette.  This includes such things as player safety, consideration for others, pace of play and care of the course.  These are explained in the USGA Rules of Golf, and can be found on the US Golf Association web site - http://www.usga.com/.

Pace of Play

Pace of play is probably one of the most important issues with a group like ours.  In large outings, with players of different skill levels, it can be hard to maintain a proper pace of play.  However, the golf courses expect us to play at a normal pace, and could refuse to rebook our group due to slow play.  It is also unfair to those with later tee times to unnecessarily delay their game, and spoil their enjoyment.  Pace of play does not have to be a barrier to having fun; simply following a few basic guidelines can ensure fast play, and increase the enjoyment of the game of golf for everyone.


The following guidelines should help our group maintain a reasonable pace of play, and should be followed by all (some of these guidelines supercede USGA rules):

  • Always be ready to play when it is your turn

  • Leave the green as soon as your group has finished putting

  • Don't spend more than 3 minutes trying to find a lost ball

  • Only help others find their ball if it will not delay your own play

  • If you lose a ball, or find that you have hit your ball out of bounds once you get to your ball, hit your next shot at that spot, with one stroke penalty - do not go back to the previous spot to re-hit your shot (this policy supercedes USGA rules, but conforms to most golf course rules for recreational golf)

  • Encourage fellow golfers to speed up play if you are falling behind

  • When falling behind, play ready golf, it is not necessary to let the low net player tee off first

  • When falling behind, it is okay to putt out even if you are not away, although care should be taken not to stand in another player's line (this policy supercedes USGA rules concerning order of play)

  • When falling behind, pick up your ball and take no more shots on a hole if you have already scored a double-par on that hole

  • Don't wait for the course marshal to ask you to catch up, monitor your own play and keep up with the group ahead of you



Always assume that we will be playing golf, even when the weather looks ominous.  Golf courses are rarely closed, although play can be delayed due to inclement weather.  Rain checks are commonly provided when the weather is bad, but only if you show up at the course.  If there is ever a question, always contact the course, and if the course is open for play, we will be there - ready, willing and able!

Golf Attire

Proper golf attire should be worn for all events. Most golf courses require men to wear shirts with collars (no T-shirts, no cutoffs).  Most courses now require soft spikes or spikeless golf shoes.  Remember to bring your rain gear if there is a threat of rain!

ASGA-DC Non-Member Policy

We encourage guests to participate in our events, although we do have the following rules and guidelines concerning non-member participation:

  • Members will always have precedence over non-members for event signup.

  • Guests new to our group who are contemplating joining are encouraged to attend a golf outing at the member rate.

  • For most golf events, non-members will be required to pay an additional $10 per event. Any events to which the policy does not apply will say so in the event announcement..

  • Certain events and parties may be designated members only.

  • Happy hours are open for all, and we encourage anyone who may be interested in joining our group to attend these.