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Event Captain Checklist

1.    Secure the course.

Contact the course with date, time (most events start at noon), and estimated number of players.

Negotiate the price for course fee + cart + range balls.  Some courses will give range balls free and discount in pro shop

Indicate if après golf will be at the clubhouse. If not, research nearby restaurant options.


4 Months before Event – High Season –June, July, August

3 Months before Event – Shoulder Season – May, September, October

2 Months before Event – Low Season – April, November


Get information from Golf Chair on course contact names, prior year number of players and rates.

Know current course rates.

Average negotiated savings for ASGA-DC is 15% off walk-on rate.  Most courses will give us at least the twilight rate at an earlier start time.

It is not the practice of ASGA-DC to agree to contracts or deposits unless a food banquet is involved.  Contact the Golf Chair for direction if course insists on a contract/deposit.

It is currently a ‘buyers’ market in the golf industry with many courses willing to work with us so if the arrangements do not feel reasonable, we have other options.  


2.  Publish Event Notices

(Sample below)

Prepare notices including Date, Time, Format, Rate, Included Amenities, Après Golf Information, Sign-Up Information, Drop Dead Date for Checks, Driving Directions or Course Website 

Ideally hold all checks until the day of or the day after the event.  If the event has to be canceled it is easier to shred or return the checks.  If a credit card is used to pay the course then it is likely that the checks will clear before payment is due to the credit card company


1st Notice – 4 weeks before Event

2nd Notice – 3 weeks before event.

Final Notice – 2 weeks before event – Optional -may be required if additional players needed to fill in T Times


There are many great examples of notices on the ASGA-DC Yahoo Group for you to steal shamelessly and cut and paste. Samples of these are attached.

This is a marketing exercise to get players signed up so information on the course; its rating, special features and pictures go a long way!  If using pictures reduce file to <200dpi, save to a PDF and attach as a file.  

To publish:

1) go to the ASGA-DC ASGA-DC-Chapter Yahoo Messages from the same email account you receive ASGA-DC messages.), 

2) open a new conversation and post the information as a ‘cut and paste’ in the main body. You can also attach our announcement using the’paperclip’ icon.  

The post will be approved by one of the administrators a.s.a.p. and will go out to all 509 folks currently signed up, of which only 123+ are current members but this is our best communications vehicle.  

Meet-Up is now being used primarily for social events due to the pre sign-up/payment requirements for the golf events, however feel free to post on Meet-Up as well.

The Communications Chair will link your event announcement to the schedule on the ASGA-DC website.


3.      Re-confirm final details.    

Confirm number of players, cart-pairing names, closest to the pin markers, dining needs.       10-7 days before event.   

 Let the course contact know when you will be arriving, your name and cell number in case of changes.

4.    Publish Pairings on ASGA-DC Yahoo Group or directly to the players 


(Sample below)

Group foursomes according to handicap and individual requests.   

Repeat the course directions, (specific address for GPS users), social arrangements, address to restaurant if not at course, and the Cancellation and WEATHER POLICY.

Highlight on the pairings announcement, the new members (new to DC Chapter in current year) and the non-members.  This helps everyone make sure that the new members and non 

Ideally on Wednesday, but NO LATER THAN Thursday before the event

Low handicap players should go off first to set the pace of play.  One high handicap player can be in a low foursome if they understand the need to keep up.  Send threesomes off first.

Assign someone in each foursome to act as Foursome Pace of Play (POP) Captain.  They have permission to handle pace of play during the round.

Request the last Foursome to pick up the closest to the pin markers.

Inclement weather:  If the golf course is open, we play.  If the weather is really bad, some courses will cancel the outing in advance (usually on the morning of the event), or give players the option of playing or not playing individually.  

Decide ahead of time if the Social Event will occur if golf is cancelled.  Include this decision in your pairings message and advise the golf course.

Instruct players to contact the golf course for the latest play/no play information.  

NOTE: If it rains while on course, we follow the rain check policy of the golf course. 


5    Run the Event.

Call the course several hours before the event to ensure it is open for play if the weather looks iffy and if it is ‘carts on path’.

Be at the course 1 hour in advance to meet with golf pro and/or event manager. 

Pay the course at the end of play.

Collect closest to the pin money.

MC the awarding of prizes at end of event.  

Promote upcoming events.

Take pictures for Facebook and website.  Send to communications chair (


Day of Event

There may be cancellations so be prepared to potentially reconfigure foursomes.

The expectation is that the EC will pay the course with cash or a personal credit card.  If that is not possible, please contact the Financial Chair well in advance of the event.

Often the course will forgive cancellations but they are not required to do so and the members are required to subscribe to the cancellation policy.

Bring 4 copies of the pairings: leave 1 copy in the pro shop; 1 copy for the starter; leave 1 copy for the staff loading the carts; and use 1 for checking players in and collecting Optional Competition monies, as necessary.


6.    Publish the Event RECAP on ASGA-DC Yahoo Group.

(Sample Below)

Publish the information on the event and the winners of the challenges using ASGA-DC Yahoo Group DC ASGA-DC-Chapter Yahoo Messages 

1-2 days after the event

This is an opportunity to thank the participants, thank the new members, non-members and promote the upcoming events.

The Communications Chair will link your recap to the event on the schedule posted on the DC Chapter website.

Thank the course contacts.

Congratulate yourself for playing an important role in the success of the ASGA-DC Chapter.


7.    Send your Event Reco to the Treasurer.


(Sample Below)

Sample of Treasury reconciliation is  attached.

1-2 days after the event

The Event reconciliation Treasury Report recaps all the players, their member/non-member status, fees collected, fees paid to course and any balance owing to ASGA or yourself.

The purpose of the report is to help the Treasurer reconcile the accounts and provide transparency for our members.


EC Tips from the Experts!


1.    Dave Sheets – Save all email requests in an email folder dedicated to the event so you don't lose anyone, and then use them to maintain a spreadsheet) that has everyone's name, Male/Female for pairings, handicap /score, check number (for confirmation they paid), and any special requests.  I then double and triple check when I put them in the pairings (below) so I don't miss anyone. 


2.    Sharon Geyer – Don’t do attachments in yahoo messages unless it’s the same information that is in the body of the email – many can’t open the file and the ones that can open the attachment may delete the whole message. 


    Make sure that all reminders and any follow-ups include ALL the event details. Don’t     assume anyone has seen previous messages, e.g., new members and members that     have deleted previous emails.

3.    Leesa Weiss - When submitting something to the golf chair to work into the schedule, have several optional dates available to work with in case the schedule has changed.


    If you are new to Yahoo Groups:- When you submit something to post, it won’t go     up right away, but has to be approved by one of the moderators.  If you do not see it     come through within 24 hours, e-mail a copy of your announcement to the Golf Chair or     the President or the Chairperson when you’ve submitted the announcement for posting     so they are aware that you are trying to post your announcement.


    Cut and paste the cancellation and weather policy to the Pairings Email so     everyone, especially new members, are clear on what happens when there is an     unexpected cancellation or inclement weather.  





Saturday, July 9, 2016

ASGA-DC will play at Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club in Columbia, MD.


Located just 30 minutes from DC and Baltimore, Hobbit’s Glen is a private club with lush green fairways, excellent practice facilities and incredible after-round dining at the Coho Grill.


Carved through and around the Maryland timber, this course is maintained with an astute attention to detail. The natural features of the area create an unparalleled golfing adventure. This par-72 golf course plays just over 7,000 yards from the back tees and 5,000 from the front. There are four sets of tees for players of all levels.


Time:         Consecutive tee times starting at 1pm


Cost:        $68 ASGA member, $88 for nonmembers includes cart and range balls


Address:        Hobbit’s Glen, 11130 Willowbottom Drive, Columbia, MD 21044




Format:         Play your own ball


Optional:      $4 will be collected at the course for players opting to compete for prizes


After golf:    Dine at the Coho Grill located at the golf course.



To reserve your spot, email me ASAP and send payment by 6/30/16 to:


Kathie Hiatt

13106 Old Field Ter

Laurel, MD 20707



Please include this attachment with your check


Name: ___________________________   18-hole handicap or Average Score___


(   ) ASGA member $68     (   ) Guest $88







Below please find our pairing on Saturday, September 17 for the event at Stonewall Golf Club.  I look forward to seeing you on the course!  


Shotgun Start: 1PM. Come early to take advantage of free range balls.

Range Balls:  Pick up your free range balls token at the pro shop.

Play/Competition: Play your own ball.  Closest to the Pin on Par 3s #3, 7, 11, 13.  $5 collected at the course.

Course Address: Stonewall Golf Club, 15601 Turtle Point Drive, Gainsville, VA 20155, Pro Shop Phone: 703-753-5101

Apres Golf:  Brass Cannon Grill at Stonewall GC


    Cart  Number    Starting Hole

BJ Barger*    1A    8

Charlie Walters    1B    8

Jack McCririe    2A    8


Mark Hendrickson*    3A    7

Monica Tynan    4A    7

Leslie Mangeri    4A    7

Kim Litherland    4B    7


Mary Doherty*    5A    6

Joe McCloskey    5B    6

Kathie Hiatt    6A    6

Rose Ann Shelton    6B    6


Keith Proudfoot*    7A    5

Francine Vigliotti    7B    5

Chris Ozyjowski    8A    5

Ellie Hochman    8B    5


Joann St. Peter*    9A    4

Scott Hall    9B    4

Kathleen Griffin    10A    4

Rita Daley    10B    4


Betsy Pond*    11A    3

Suzanne McNicholas    11B    3

Matt Skowronski    12B    3


Neil Mark*    13A    2

Irene Kratky    13B    2

Heidi Moos    14A    2

Marlene Hammond    14B    2


Jerry Bennis*    15A    1

Anne Jardine    15B    1

Kim Sheridan    16A    1

Deborah Bowden    16B    1


New Members in 2016        

Non Member        


•    Denotes Foursome POP (Pace of Play) Captain



ASGA-DC Cancellation Policy

•   Some events will require advanced payment in order to reserve a spot.

•   The event notification will indicate if advance payment is required.

•   Most events will also have a cancellation date, allowing cancellation with a full refund of prepayment, this will also be specified in the event notification.

•   Individuals who cancel prior to the cancellation date will receive a full refund.

•   Individuals who cancel after the cancellation date, are responsible for finding their own replacement, this is not the event coordinator's responsibility.

•   Individuals who cancel after the cancellation date, and are unable to find a replacement, will forfeit their advance payment if the Chapter is required to pay for their reservation.

•   No shows will forfeit their advance payment if the Chapter is required to pay for their reservation.

•   Individuals are always responsible for any expenses incurred by the group on their behalf.

•   The Chapter will not reserve tee times without proper advance payment, we cannot accept promises to pay.

We know that there will be times when people need to cancel their event reservations, and the Chapter will do everything it can to accommodate these cancellation requests.  Anyone needing to cancel a reservation should notify the event coordinator as soon as possible, this will reduce the individuals risk of financial obligation, and make life easier for the event coordinator.


ASGA-DC Weather Policy


Always assume that we will be playing golf, even when the weather looks ominous.  Golf courses are rarely closed, although play can be delayed due to inclement weather.  Rain checks are commonly provided when the weather is bad, but only if you show up at the course.  If there is ever a question, always contact the course, and if the course is open for play, we will be there - ready, willing and able!


SAMPLE PAIRINGS Announcement For T-Times


To All – here is the line-up for ASGAs first golf outing at Oak Marr:


DATE:  Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, starting at 12:20 p.m.


WHERE:   3200 Jermantown Road, Oakton, VA 22124


Here’s the line-up.   Please be at the course at least 30 minutes prior to your t-time.  You may want to warm up at the driving range conveniently located right next to the course, so allow more time for that.  Reminder: This is a walking only course so bring your pull carts or be prepared to carry your bag.  There are also pull carts at the course for rent.

Since this a 9-hole par 3 course, we should be done playing within 2 hours.  Please keep up the pace with the group in front of you so that you are not delaying those behind you. 


We will meet at Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que in the Oakton Shopping Center, 2910 Chain Bridge Road, Oakton, VA 22124 after the round.  You can head on over there and meet in the Bar area for an adult (or not so adult) beverage.  The bar also offers food. 


Look forward to seeing all of you there.  See you Saturday!



T-Times    Cart #1    Cart #2


12:20 p.m.    Mary Lou Shehadi*    Mark Hendrickson

    Jack McCririe    Irene Kratsky


12:30 p.m.    Joe Whitaker*    Marlene Hammond

    Joann St.Peter    Terry Morrow


12:40 p.m.    Scott Hall*    Charles Walters

    Suzanne McNicholas    Rita Daley


12:50 p.m.    Leesa Weiss*    Gary Cohen

    Geoffrey Pennoyer    Sheila Deturk


1:10 p.m.    Sam Tolbert*    Pat DiDonato

    Kim Sheridan    Rose Ann Shelton


•    Pace of Play Captain

•    New Members 





The day at Raspberry Falls was just as the radar predicted - rainy!   Yet the disposition of folks was downright sunny.  Out of 43 golfers, 40 braved the forecast and hit the links with umbrellas, rain gear and a lot of spunk.  We got in one hole before the showers broke.  Some chose to go to the clubhouse and enjoy a wine break while others carried on in the rain.  Eventually we all got back out there and some finished 18 holes, others 14 or more before the second front moved through and we all retired to the clubhouse for prizes, dinner, and drinks.


Closest to the pin winners were:

#5  Dave Reichly

#7  Marty Levine

#15  Charlie Davis

#13  Neil Mark


A big “thank you” to the board who subsidized our buffet for all members.  They also supplied ASGA-DC towels and ball/tee pouches for the opener.  Those towels came in handy!


Thanks also to Raspberry Falls.  Uncertain if we could in fact complete the round, I was reluctant to collect $4 CTP cash in the event I had to return it.  Raspberry donated an individual round of golf for the CTP winners in lieu of a cash prize.  


At the season opener we were fortunate to have many new members, two alum, and returning golfers.  I want to thank each and every one of them for their enthusiasm and high spirits!  All’s well that ends well.  We left the clubhouse in sunshine.  


Don’t forget to support other upcoming events.  Check out golf and social events at:


See you on the course!


Heidi Moos

Event Coordinator Raspberry Falls, ASGA-DC Opener








    Date:    9-Jul-16                

    Course:    Hobbits Glen                

    Member Fee    $68.00                    

    Non Member Fee    $88.00                    

    EC/Email:    Kathie Hiatt


    Send to/Email:     Treasurer


    * Greens Fees Collected - excludes closest to pin and other  competitions        

    ** Banquet Fees Collected - excludes any 'in-home' entertaining fees        

# of Players    Player    Member    Non-Member    Greens Fee Collected*    Banquet Fees Collected**    Paid to Course    Due to ASGA-DC

1    Kathie  Hiatt    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

2    Tom  Haley    1    Cincinnati Member    $68    NA    $68    $0

3    Neil Mark    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

4    Dean Place    1    Baltimore Member    $68    NA    $68    $0

5    Annette McGuire    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

6    George Salmon    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

7    Holly Warner    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

8    Greg Basheda    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

9    Lori Ryan    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

10    Ron Mahanes    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

11    Cheryl Riisager        1    $88    NA    $68    $20

12    Charlie Davis    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

13    Keith Proudfoot    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

14    Bruce  Combs    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

15    Suzanne McNichols    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

16    Jerry Bennis    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

17    Charlie Walters    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

18    Steve Payne    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

19    Maggie Brown    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

20    Mark Hendrickson    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

21    Mike  Sheeran    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

22    Lisa Hathaway        1    $88    NA    $68    $20

23    Anne Jardine    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

24    Judith Wortman    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

25    Debra Bowden    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

26    Marty Levine    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

27    Geoffrey Pennover    1        $68    NA    $68    $0

    Total    25    2    $1,876    0    $1,836    $40

“I'm a testimonial. Click me to edit and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Click me to edit and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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