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Queenstown Recap


32 Golfers enjoyed a picture perfect day at Queenstown Harbor River Course.


Closest to pins on par 3s:

#2 - Liz Dahreddine and Scott Hall

#8 - Alicia McCarthy - Steve Vito

#13 Mary Doherty - Todd Sheffer

#16 Sue Eliasberg - Wayne Crupi

Thank you to everyone that participated.


The birth of Queenstown in Queen Anne’s County took place in 1707, and at that time was named “Queen Anne’s Towne”. In 1710 the name was changed to “Queen’s Towne” and many years later the “e” was dropped and it became one word. Both Queenstown and Queen Anne’s County were named after “Good Queen Anne” of England.

Queenstown was the home of the first County seat in 1707, and in 1708 the original Courthouse was built. The County seat remained here from 1707-1782, at which time it was moved to Centreville.

Queenstown was the first and only town in Queen Anne’s County to be attacked by the British during the War of 1812. The attack, which occurred in August 1813, took place at the “Bowlingly” estate. The estate and its contents were significantly damaged by the British before they moved on to Kent Island. Today, “Bowlingly” still exists as a private residence.

Francine and Brian have expressed interest in purchasing the Bowlingly estate.

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