Queenstown Recap


2019-09-21 - 22 ASGADC golfers enjoyed The River Course at Queenstown Harbor GC, Queenstown, MD.

Par 3 Prizes went to Annette McGuire, Holly Warner, George Salmon, and Joann St. Peter.

“If you think “Queenstown Harbor” sounds regal, you’re correct. The land occupied by our golf course has a direct connection to royalty and is steeped in history. Historically named “My Lord’s Gift,” the land was given to Henry deCoursey by Cecil Calvert in the 1600s as a reward for his services. deCoursey, a surveyor for Calvert (the second Lord of Baltimore), placed his thumbprint on a map was granted all of the land under his thumb. That’s why the territory was known as the “thumb grant” for hundreds of years.”

 Thank you to all the players. See you next week at Hobbit Glen CC-GC, Columbia, MD.