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Whiskey Creek


Whiskey Creek, May 21st,  Mary always ran The Whiskey Creek ASGA event, and I’mcovering  for her.   Let’s get together, play golf, drink, eatand rejoice in memories of the past. Make it a great day, she wouldn’t havewanted it any other way. We have 32 spots available and the course is usuallyfull, before and after on weekends. Email me if you want in, and follow up with payment.   The cost is $114 and includes a cart andrange balls. Email me at,     There is not  a discounted option to walk, the price is thesame. We cannot promise single rider carts are available, perhaps if we havepeople who have a higher degree of being responsible to infection, we can selftest and put those folks together.  Letme know, and I’ll work with you.   Myzelle is attached to my phone 301 748 1818, or mail me a check to the address below:Sam TolbertPO Box 3544Hagerstown, Maryland 21742 

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