Rattlewood Recap

Thirty golfers headed out to tame the new course in our annual rotation
under what started out as sun-drenched skies in Mt. Airy, Maryland. The
Rattlewood staff welcomed us with plentiful bottles of ice-cold water to
help battle the heat. We heard very distant rumbles of thunder, but the
radar on our weather apps only showed storms passing to the north and south
of us, with the forecast for rain to come well after we would have finished
our round. Mother Nature, however, had other plans, with the bolt of
lightning giving us precious little time to get us and our gear to dry
quarters. Although the rains did abate, the course decided to close due to
standing water and gave out rain checks for those who had returned to the

Before the thunder and lightning, everyone finished playing through the
Par-3 holes on the front 9. Closest-to-the-pin prizes went to Lori Ryan on
#4 (20' 8"), and Greg Basheda on #8 (12' 6").

After a quick round of socializing around the 19th hole, about 15 of us
enjoyed an early dinner at the Mount Airy Inn. The general consensus was
that the folks were interested in returning to Rattlewood next year.

Thanks to all who came!

Leesa Weiss, EC