Falls Road Recap


Undaunted by feels-like temperatures that neared 100° on a sunny, humidity-drenched afternoon, 32 well-hydrated golfers, including several new (and, hopefully, soon-to-be-new) members enjoyed the gently rolling, lush green fairways, and great greens at Falls Road Golf Course in Potomac, Maryland. 




A big thank you to everyone who came and played, and congratulations to the par-3 CTP winners:




#3:  Steve Hornburg @ 9’5”


#5:  Kathie Hiatt @ 14’1”


#9:  Ken Welch @ 8’6”


#11: Leesa Weiss @ 20’4”


#14: Kathie Hiatt @ 26’3”




Tales of the day’s fun and just some good time to catch up with great friends were shared in the Falls Road Club House after the round, following which most of us carried on the conversation over dinner nearby at the Hunter’s Bar & Grille in Potomac Village. 




Leesa Weiss, EC