End of Season at Raspberry Falls

What an event and day!!!!!!     (Charlie Walters and Rita Daley were major help in making this a wonderful event!)


Saturday was fun for all. Forty-seven golfers started at 11:30am and every group finished long before the sun went down. The course was in great shape while the weather was manageable for almost everyone. After golf we gathered (52 people) in the club house and had a little delay before the buffet started. I planned for a 5:30pm buffet however everyone finished so fast, we could have started at 4:30pm. Sorry you had to drink more while waiting for food - I made a planning mistake.


After everyone had their fill of drinks and food (really good food and drinks), we had a little election business to take care of....


1. This is ASGA-DC Chapter's 20th anniversary so we recognized and applauded our 1999 legacy members (Tony Paduano, Sandy Koubek, and April Langevin)


2. 2019 Board members were identified and a great "Thank You" and applause was given to them for such a wonderful fun filled year. They did a great job and remember, they did everything as volunteers!  So again thank you 2019 board for making my job this so easy. 


2019 board members:

Chairperson of the Board - Sheila DeTurk

Communication Chair - BJ Barger

Communication Co-chair - Francine Vigliotti

Membership Chair - Kathie Hiatt

Social Chair - Holly Warner

Golf Chair - Charlie Walters

Golf Co-chair - Katherine Harris

Treasurer - Rita Daley


3. 2020 proposed Board changes:

Sheila DeTurk, Holly Warner and Katherine Harris were stepping down after providing so much help in their term(s) as board members. Again, thank you for all the great things you have done for our chapter!

We also announced the addition of Alicia McCarthy (social chair) and Ruth D'Alessandro (golf co-chair) to the proposed 2020 Board.

A vote to approve or disapprove this new 2020 Board occurred and was 100% approved by the participating members.  Thank you 2020 Board and welcome!!


4. A special award was presented to the hardest working ASGA-DC Chapter board member. This person worked very hard in almost every aspect of our chapter. I feel he is the main reason for the success our chapter has had!! Now don't get me wrong, every board member does a great job however this person makes all of our jobs so much easier.  So Thank You Charlie Walters.... truly a great friend and special individual!!!     If you agree, send him a special thank you too!


5. Now for the fun.....

Charlie announced and handed out logo golf balls and logo tees (Rita and Dan helped) to all weekend and weekday event coordinators. A special thank you goes out to all of you. We could not have done it without all of you!!


6. We then handed out more logo golf balls and logo golf tees to all other ASGA-DC Chapter members participating in this event.


7. Then we got carried away and handed out gifts ranging from golf ball, tees, $20 gift cards to many local businesses, cash, and a handful of special free golf passes to members participating in the event.


8. Lastly, we held the drawing for our yearend raffle for 2 individuals. We had $190.20 for each of two lucky golfers. During this year, every time you participated in one of our ASGA-DC Chapter single weekend events, your name was added into the bucket. If you played 12 times, your name was in there 12 times. 

1st winner - Caroline Brinsley (present)

2nd winner - Ken Unzinger (not present)


So this concluded our final golf event for 2019, but keep in mind our 2019 Christmas party to be held on Dec 7th. More emails will be posted soon. Plus all of you who have memberships expiring in November and December, please renew before they expire. I hope all of you will stay with us for at least another year. We are in the works to make 2020 even more enjoyable with a few other ideas to spice up our chapter!


Lastly, I wanted to thank the entire board, each and every event coordinator (EC), every member of our chapter along with all the guests who participated in our events this year!!!!!!  I hope everyone felt they had lots of fun and look forward to seeing all of you next year. I've enjoyed being part of this chapter and all of you who I've had the pleasure to get to know.


Thank you ALL,

Dan Morris

2019 ASGA-DC Chapter President