Brambleton Recap


We ate salads, hot dogs, ham and turkey sandwiches and hit golf balls before taking on Brambleton. We also had perfect weather for the Brambleton outing. The winds were a little strong at times, but overall it was fantastic for the 24 people who signed up. We were able to take the carts in the fairways (90 degree rule) and it was the best I have ever seen with our ASGA outings for EVERYONE keeping the pace of play and staying behind the group in front. The course (management and Marshall) also told me we did a GREAT job in playing time!!! So...…. Thank You everyone!!!!!


For closest to the pin we had both men and women contest on each of the 4 par 3's. Winners below:   (Scott was on it today!!!)


#3   Scott Hall and Lisa Hathaway

#8   Scott Hall

#12  Brian Durkin and Francine Vigliotti

#17  Scott Hall and Deb Swedberg



After golf...…… 17 of the 24 golfers headed over to the Blue Ridge Grill in Brambleton for food, drinks, conversation, two free Brambleton Golf coupons and additional fun!


In closing I wanted to say...... "Thank you" to everyone for making my job in planning this event simple!!! It was a pleasure!!


Dan Morris