Blue Ridge Shadows Recap

We had a great day at BRS this year, with temps in the low 80s, overcast skies, nice breeze & lower humidity!

19 people came out to golf in the Shenandoah Valley where they enjoyed a challenging course & some wildlife too.

The red headed woodpeckers were busy on the front 9 pounding on trees, flying across fairways & calling to one another. 
We also saw a variety of other birds & some geese with youngsters on the back 9. Some of the geese seemed to enjoy grazing on 

the Ladies 18th hole tee box as well ! They very politely walked off the tee box so we hit our balls. 

The course was in good shape everywhere but some of our balls decided not play golf & 
go visit the woods, wild areas not walkable & some even went swimming  to cool off !  It was amazing !

Afterwards, 16 of us went up to Houlihan’s for dinner & drinks at 7:15 pm & many more tales were told up there too !


The closest to the pin par 3 results are:

Hole 3     No winner  
Hole 12   Heidi Moos  17 ft. 4 in.    



Hole 5    No winner

Hole 10  Mike Cioppi   68 ft. 8 in.


The money was divided in half so Heidi & Mike each got a nice reward.