1757 Recap


At 1757 Golf Course,  on July 27th, 2019, not a day of infamy, but a memorable one, 28 golfers played the course.   Closest to the pins, on Hole #3, two of our group hit it to 12 inches from the hole, Scott Hall and Charlie Waters.   It was generally agreed that each of them needed to add a bit more effort and all of us would have enjoyed  celebrating their good fortune in the bar at the conclusion of the round.  Matt and Anne hit it 4 feet, Irene hit it 5’ on Hole 3, and rec’d 3rd, 4th and 5th place.    On hole 7, Steve Fisher was at 31’, Hole 14 was  George Salmon at 10 feet, (he was able to do this in part due to the coaching of his cartmate, Annette) . Hole 16, Lisa (Berkshire)Hathaway at 26’ and again Lisa  at 15’ on hole 18.  


Everyone stayed and enjoyed drinks, conversation and dinner in the lounge at the conclusion of golf.  


I interviewed several of our golfers and asked how many balls they lost.  Many claimed to have lost 3 or 4 balls, not one person admitted losing more.   Personally, I question their ability to count, I lost 3 balls on the first hole, probably lost at least a dozen, and in checking at the end of the round, I found only 2 balls left in my bag. Whew, close one!    I may have lost 2 dozen.  Time to reload.    


Thank Ilene Cook for all her hard work, I was simply the mouthpiece for her as she could not make it, but she did a ton of work in preparing for the day.